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2024-2026 Academic Catalog 
2024-2026 Academic Catalog

Liberal Arts and Sciences, AA (LASC.AA)

Location(s): Main Campus, Online

PROGRAM DESCRIPTION: The Associate in Arts Degree in Liberal Arts and Sciences is a restricted program and cannot be declared as a major without special permission from the Director of Advising. It has been shown that students with declared majors are significantly more likely to graduate;therefore, GCCC strongly encourages students to declare a major by the end of their first semester. To further aid in this process, the Liberal Arts and Sciences program is available to students only under special circumstances to allow them to graduate and transfer without declaring a specific major. The Degree is an interdisciplinary program that provides an overview of the arts, humanities, social sciences, mathematics, and natural sciences. The liberal arts major coversa broad spectrum of subjects and may be tailored for each student to give emphasis in areas of interest. This degree fulfills the College’s mission of developing skills in written communication, oral communication, and critical thinking while advancing knowledge in diversity and social responsibility. The semester-by-semester plans described below are general guidelines. Students should work closely with their academic advisors to develop a plan that best meets their own individual needs and goals.


Systemwide General Education Bucket Requirements (SGE)

Beginning in Fall 2024, GCCC will participate with all state universities, Washburn University and all community colleges in Kansas in the systemwide general education (SGE) framework for associate in arts (AA) and associate in science (AS) degrees. GCCC’s SGE framework includes 34-37 credit hours organized in 7 “buckets” identified by an individual SGE code. Any student who has completed the full credit hour requirement in all buckets will be considered to have completed the Kansas SGE framework for associate in arts (AA) and associate in science (AS) degrees. The completion of the 34-37 credit hour general education package will be noted on the student’s transcript.

Bucket 1 (SGE 010)   Bucket 2 (SGE 020)   Bucket 3 (SGE 030)   Bucket 4 (SGE 040)   Bucket 5 (SGE 050)   Bucket 6 (SGE 060)   Bucket 7 (SGE 070)  


Articulation Agreements

Articulation Agreements for Bachelor Degree Completion:

Minimum Credit Hours Required to Graduate = 60

Semester 1 (15-21 Hours)

Semester 2 (16-17 Hours)

Semester 3 (14-18 Hours)

  • Social Responsibility and Diversity Requirement Bucket 7 (SGE 070)  2-4 Hour(s) *
  • Arts and Humaities Requirement Bucket 6 (SGE 060)  3-5 Hour(s) *
  • Program Elective Course (see note below) 3 Hour(s) ***
  • Open Elective 3 Hour(s)
  • Open Elective 3 Hour(s)

Semester 4 (14 Hours)

  • Program Elective Course (see note below) 3 Hour(s)***
  • Program Elective Course (see note below) 3 Hour(s)***
  • Program Elective Course (see note below) 3 Hour(s)***
  • Program Elective Course (see note below) 3 Hour(s)***
  • Program Elective Course (see note below) 2 Hour(s)***

Program Elective Courses ***

  • Program elective courses for the LASC.AA degree must be chosen from courses listed as options in any of the seven AA General Education Buckets or program requirements or program electives for other AA degrees within this catalog.



English, Communications, Mathematics & Statistics, Natural & Physical Sciences, Social & Behavioral Sciences, Arts & Humanities, Student Success, Social Responsibility & Diversity



Other courses are subject for approval with submission of Graduation Substitution form.

Systemwide General Education (SGE) Key

  • 010 English
  • 020 Communications
  • 030 Mathematics & Statistics
  • 040 Natural & Physical Sciences
  • 050 Social & Behavioral Sciences
  • 060 Arts & Humanities
  • 070 Institutionally Designated (Social Responsibility & Diversity)